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Diabetes: a man made health hezard.

Over the decades, our diabetic population has been getting regular diet advise of avoiding rice and Sugar and fat in diet and increase protein and vegetables.

This makes one more dependent on Wheat products as a staple diet.

The Type II diabetic person diligently following this advise, sinks deeper in the cluches of Metabolic Syndrome  of Starvation in presence of Abundance.. Fat deposition, weight  gain with paradoxical  loss of body protein and Energy level. And ever increasing need of Oral Diabetes medicine with many yet unknown  untoward side effects of this chemicals.

Why not treat our Diabetic patients on Physiological basis with diet modification advise and excersice rather than resorting to superficial, symptomatic and ineffective drug  treatment with incalculable long term consequences !

Drawing on decades of clinical studies and the extraordinary results observed after putting thousands of patients on wheat-free regimens, Dr. William Davis makes a compelling case against this ubiquitous ingredient - Wheat .

Let us first consider this  Super carbohydrate in more detail.

Wheat is a super carbohydrate with quick absorption and assimilation to produce Glucose at a record speed. Unlike other grains, this easily digestible property of wheat puts it as a high Glycemic Index food in the same league as Sugar or Glucose.

One would wonder, what is wrong with that!

Our body is not designed to deal with so much of Glucose availability in very short time after eating food rich in Wheat and Sugars. This triggers Increased Insulin response, which tries to drive glucose to cells to convert into fat. Insulin resistence develops at cellular level requiring more insulin production over the period of time.

Yes. The fat accumulstion in body is mainly from ingestion of Wheat Carbohydrates, and not Ghee, butter and oil we have in much smaller quantity.

The curious net result is Quick disposal of glucose from blood circulation to cells for fat conversion and "Hypoglycemic - Hungry " feeling one gets just two hours after taking high carbohydrate food due to relative lack of Glucose available in blood as a source of energy.

Again another round of Snacks/ biscuits/ wafers /fries/ Samosas  result in unnecessary ingestion of food wich propagates this viscious cycle   ultimately increasing  Visceral Fat in body.

The higher the blood glucose after consumption of food, the greater the insulin level, the more fat is deposited.

This is why eating a 3 egg omelet that triggers no increase in glucose does not add body fat, while 2 slices of whole wheat bread increases blood glucose to high levels, triggering insulin and growth of fat, particularly abdominal or deep visceral fat.

The consequences of glucose-insulin-fat deposition are especially visible in the abdomen –  wheat belly.

Literally, one eats more food and feels more hungry and the size of Fat deposition increases . in nut shell Wheat Belly is the final product of excessive wheat ingestion.

A wheat belly represents the accumulation of fat that results from years of consuming foods that trigger insulin, the hormone of fat storage.  Unlike fat in other body areas, it provokes inflammatory phenomena, distorts insulin responses, and issues abnormal metabolic signals to the rest of the body.

Most will say something like “I don’t get it.  I exercise five days a week.  I’ve cut my fat and increased my healthy whole grains, yet I can’t seem to stop gaining weight!”

After removing wheat grain for 3 months from  diabetic or non diabetic overweight patients, the diabetics became non-diabetic and most  of them loose significant ammount of Fat stored  as Visceral Fat.

Wheat belly - by Dr. wiliam Devis is a must read  book in my humble openion for Diabetic and nondiabetic overweight patients and their Doctors for understanding this health problem and getting an easy solution..

My advise to all my diabetic patients has been  to change diet with wheat elemination and substitution with traditional Indian grains like Jowar, Raagi, Bajri, Soyabean, Rajgara etc. to make Roti / Indian Bread -  I have been amazed to find better Diabetes control and reduced requirment of diabetes medication.

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